Frequently asked questions

Will you ever support drf / celery / flask / gevent?

No. This template is focused on bringing best practices to django projects. It only includes workflow and configuration for this framework.

Other tools are not mandatory. And can easily be added by a developer.

Will you have an build-time option to include or change anything?

No, we believe that options bring inconsistencies to the project. You can also make the wrong choice. So, we are protecting you from that.

You can only have options that are already present in this template. Fork it, if you do not agree with this policy.

This code quality is unbearable! Can I turn it off?

Of course, no one can stop you from that. But what the point in using this template then?

Our code quality defined by this template is minimally acceptable. We know tools to make it even better. But they are not included. Since they are literally hardcore.