Upgrading template

Upgrading your project to be up-to-date with this template is a primary goal. This is achieved by manually applying diff to your existing code.

diff can be viewed from the project’s README.md. See an example.

When the upgrade is applied just change the commit hash in your template to the most recent one.


Sometimes, when we break something heavily, we create a version. That’s is required for our users, so they can use old releases to create projects as they used to be a long time ago.

However, we do not officially support older versions. And we do not recommend to use them.

A full list of versions can be found here.

Migration guides

Each time we create a new version, we also provide a migration guide. What is a migration guide? It is something you have to do to your project other than just copy-pasting diffs from new versions.

Goodbye, pipenv!

This version requires a manual migration step.

  1. You need to install poetry

  2. You need to create a new pyproject.toml file with poetry init

  3. You need to adjust name, version, description, and authors meta fields

  4. You need to copy-paste dependencies from Pipfile to pyproject.toml

  5. You need to set correct version for each dependency in the list, use "^x.y" notation

  6. You need to adjust [build-system] tag and POETRY_VERSION variable to fit your poetry version

  7. Create poetry.lock file with poetry lock

It should be fine! You may, however, experience some bugs related to different dependency version resolution mechanisms. But, poetry does it better.