This project uses several linters to make coding style consistent. All configuration is stored inside setup.cfg.


wemake-python-styleguide is a flake8 based plugin. And it is also the strictest and most opinionated python linter ever. See wemake-python-styleguide docs.

Things that are included in the linting process:

  • flake8 is used a general tool for linting
  • isort is used to validate import order
  • bandit for static security checks
  • eradicate to find dead code
  • and more!


We are also using xenon to measure code complexity and quality.

Here are our standards:

  • A single block of code can not go below A mark
  • A single module can not go below A mark
  • Overall mark cannot go below A mark

If your commit breaks this rule: well, the build won’t succeed.

xenon --max-absolute A --max-modules A --max-average A server

It will return status code 0 if everything is fine.


Is used to lint your yaml files. See yamllint docs.

yamllint -d '{"extends": "default", "ignore": ".venv"}' -s .

Linters that are not included

Sometimes we use several other linters that are not included. That’s because they require another technology stack to be installed or just out of scope.

Here’s the list of these linters. You may still find them useful.


This linter is used to lint your .sh files. See shellcheck docs.


This linter is used to lint your Dockerfile syntax. See hadolint